Grief counselling

The death of someone we love is likely to be one of the most distressing experiences we will have to face.

We encounter a range of emotions and physical reactions – some we are not even familiar with.

Anger, shock, numbness, disbelief, guilt, anxiety, depression, pain, loss of appetite and ability to sleep.

Dealing with these emotions, often without the one person who would have been supporting us can be a lonely, bewildering and isolating experience.

Grief can be exhausting and yet all around us the demands and pressures of daily life continue.

No one will experience grief the same way and yet all too often we find ourselves bombarded with well meaning advice and information – perhaps even find we are faced with expectations of ¬†“getting over it” ¬†from others that we just can’t fulfil.

Finding a safe time and space to really explore and start to understand how things are for you during this difficult period can be very valuable and beneficial.

Learning to adapt to your loss and to live with it can sometimes feel impossible.

Counselling can provide you with a way of processing your grief in a way that is right for you.

Therapeutic Counsellor & Psychotherapist