Help with Depression

 Depression is really common.

There are many symptoms and sometimes its only when people learn to recognise the symptoms that they realise what they have been feeling is depression.

1 in 4 people will have a mental health problem in a given year. (MIND)

Please follow this link to read about the symptoms of depression – is this you?


Depression affects one in 10 people so if you’re feeling depressed you’re not alone.

Depression tends to slow your system down and often your thoughts are occupied by looking back and going over things past which can leave you feeling even more down and self critical.

You may find you are giving yourself a hard time in your own mind-

your mind can become a foe rather than a friend to you.

 Whether it’s your mind or others telling you to “pull yourself together” this doesn’t really motivate or energise you and can leave you feeling powerless to change.

Counselling can help with mild to moderate depression in many ways –

  • help you understand the problem

  • enable you to challenge negative thinking

  • find ways to increase your activity levels

  • start to identify and utilising support systems and coping strategies.

Counselling can help you build new ways of thinking and develop patterns of behaving which can help you feel better about yourself instead of worse.

Counselling will aim to help you learn to look after yourself and become more understanding of what you need and how you can achieve it.

Therapeutic Counsellor & Psychotherapist